iPad Release Notes for MeasureSquare Mobile

iPad Release Notes for MeasureSquare Mobile

Summary of MeasureSquare Mobile for iPad release notes

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Version 2.9.6   

Release Date: Jun 28, 2023

1. Auto-Renewable subscription. When subscription is purchased through Apple, it can renew automatically.

2. Delete wall segment. Combine 2 wall segments into one by removing one of the wall breaks. Find the tool under the Room Edit menu when tapping on a room.

3. Reorganize view option page, Add Roll/Tile pattern grid view options. Views are now categorized for easier viewing.

4. Support Bosch PLR 30/40/50 C BlueTooth Lasers

5. Support STANLEY TLM 165s/99si BlueTooth Lasers

6. Bug hunting & fixes, improved performance, stability improvements

Version: 2.4.7 


1. Grid View. 

You can now turn on/off the Grid view by tapping the icon on the top left corner of the screen.

2. Layout of the Menu. 

We have changed the layout of the menu you can access by tapping the Info icon next to each project on the homescreen.

3. Tag Projects. 

You can now tag your projects with keywords. Simply go to the Info icon, select Tags, and select Manage to customize the tags. You can associate multiple tags to a diagram and you can search the tags you create by clicking on the Filter icon next to the search bar.

4. Favorites Toolbar. 

A favorites toolbar has been added. You can access and customize your toolbar by going to Settings, selecting System Settings, and selecting Quick Access Toolbar Settings. Tap + to add function and swipe left to remove functions.

5. Enhanced 3D View. 

The 3D view has been newly enhanced. You can now make walls transparent so that you can see the wall tiles while reviewing your project. You can also turn on/off wall stack dimensions, underlying product, etc. The 3D view can now be printed in your report for your customers and installers.

6.Printing Module. 

We have also updated the printing module in this upcoming release.

Version: 2.4.6 7/18/2018


1. Search

You can find a project – from the Diagram Screen of the app – by such criteria as customer name, job site address, phone number, fax, email and so on.
2. Draw A Circular Room

To draw a circular room, you will go to Tools and select Circular room. Then all you have to do is drag out with your finger. 
Also, to resize it, you click the "i" button in the middle of the room and select Resize By Drag.

3. Movable Legend

Go to Tools and click Legend. You can then select the products you want and then pick the place on the screen to put the Legend. You can even change the size, font, and color by clicking the “i” icon and selecting edit.

4. Internal Wall

To create an internal wall, click the “i” icon and select Resize and then Draw Wall. You can then draw it using the drag feature. You can even draw this as a free floating wall in the middle of a room.

5. Insert Border Dividers

To create a border divider, you’ll tap on the “i” icon in the room and then select Resize and Create Border Dividers. You can then select the product you want as well as the width, miter cut, room border and so on.

6. View Self-Cove

You will click the “i” icon in the room and select Label, Height, Coving. You can then pick a size. Then you can check it out in the view options.

7. 3D View Options

Go to Views and 3D Views. Then at the top, you can change options for Spin. This means you can use your finger to spin the floorplan around. Then you can select Pan, which means you can move it around the screen.

8. Tile Patterns

We added tile patterns in the left panel. It’s just a matter of clicking on Patterns and scrolling among the list to find the one you want. If no tiles appear available for the selected pattern, this just means your created tiles cannot fit. But you can use "Quick Assign" to have the software assign tiles for you.

9. Forms Options

If you go to Forms menu, you can carry out actions like add a new item, change a quantity, add a signature and preview. You can even add a currency.
You can then include various other financial items – like the tax rate, freight, and discount – by selecting the Gear icon at the top right.

10. Print

Printing options are condensed and organized by categories. You can easily change the settings in the printed report. To do this, lick on Reports and Print. Then you’ll click the Gear Icon. You’ll then toggle items like color, header, unit and description.

Version: 2.4.3 4/24/18


1.Add “Draw Wall” function to allow adding an internal wall or stand-alone pony wall ( Tap a room->Resize ).
2.Add “Quick Assign” function to assign a tile pattern with default tile sizes so that you can visualize the design instantly ( Left panel->Pattern tab->drag a pattern to a room->select Quick Assign)
3. Re-organize printing options by modules to allow easier navigation ( Report->Print Template->Signature & Settings ).
4. Users can adjust size of cut sheet using Cut Sheet Scale option ( Report->Print Template->Signature & Settings->Print Settings ). 
5. Display wall number and dimensions of wall stacks when editing wall elevation (Turn on Wall option under view option->tab a room->Resize->Edit Wall); or when create the report ( Report->Print Template->Signature & Settings->Diagram-> turn on both Room details & Wall details.)
6. Add an option to print 3D view ( Report->Print Template->Signature & Settings ->View 3D)
7. Produced a new set of video tutorials ( Help->Video Tutorial)
A few bug fixes.

Version 01/25/18


1. Organize all functions by stages of workflow and captions under all icons.
2. Remove a linear assignment for a single wall, assign multiple linear items on the same wall and replace existing product assignments with another.
3. Use popular pre-defined tile patterns such as for brickwork, checkerboard and herringbone.
4. Easily put together four types of product forms: quotation, invoice, work order & purchase order.
5. Change profit margins by project, discount and freight.
6. Display products by folder to facilitate product organization.
7. Add a Favorites tab to allow users to access frequently used products.
8. Collaborate with your team, such as for syncing settings and the product database. There are also admin productions (marking them as "read only").
9. Open projects, which are created on the Windows desktop software, on your iPad

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